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Cats - Katzen

* * "Afters de Cat Show yesterdays; me stayed in a verys old motel. Dey sents me a wake-up letter.

don't call me betty

don't call me betty

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Pictures of Birman Cat Breed...this cat looks like our cat growing up! #ragdollcatblue

Ragdoll are extremely smart cats. Ragdolls learn how to fetch easily. They are large cats, one of the largest of all cat breeds

TOP 27 Funny Cats and Kittens Pictures | Funny Cat | DomPict.com

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Life with Siberian Cats :)

Life With Siberian Cats: My Experience With Adoption

Up until two years ago, I had never heard of a Siberian Cat and would not have been able to pick one out of the crowd. In that amount of time, however, a lot has changed and they are now an everyday fixture in my life. We got Milo and Baxter as.

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21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Make You Fall in Love