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Harry Potter Facts Daniel Radcliffe has joked about playing a drag queen as a character because he thinks he looks good in makeup, and would love to wear the costumes.

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Harry Potter Facts The Hogwarts Express train used in the movies has a steam engine built in and its four carriages date from the

Damn. Now I have an excuse for the authorities if I want to look at condemned buildings in the UK. Thanks, JK! =)

Harry Potter Facts If a Muggle came across Hogwarts, it would appear to them as an old building with a sign reading "keep out: dangerous building".

IMDB only counts three... Richard Bremmer (1), Christian Coulson (as Tom Marvolo Riddle), Ralph Fiennes (4, 5, and both 7).

No, only one actor played Voldemort. Ralph Fiennes played the role of Voldy, but maybe he had a stand in or a body double.

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Sounds like James Sirius Potter. what were they thinking naming a kid after two of the most trouble making students to attend Hogwarts, who happen to be the boys grandfather and great uncle?

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Harry Potter Facts Hayden Rodgers posted a recipe online for a Butterbeer Latte.

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Here are some fun, maybe surprising facts about the Harry Potter series.

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Harry Potter Facts J. Rowling has said that her animagus would be an otter, which is also the form that Hermione's patronus takes.

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Harry Potter Facts 163 More than pieces of furniture were bought to make up the massive piles of furniture in the Room of Requirement scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part