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Ina May Gaskin, midwife pioneer. [Well, not such a pioneer, if you consider all the other "grannies" for hundreds of years before her...but a great, great teacher just the same].

Ina May Gaskin, American midwife pioneer. Will always be remembered for the 'Gaskin Maneuver' -- how to safely deliver a baby with shoulder distocia.

When my kids start school i will too! Im going to go study to become a midwife!

When my kids start school i will too! Im going to go study to become a midwife!

Pitocin Shot- 129 Epidural- 2899 Emergency C-section 12599... why would anyone want a homebirth?

Pro home birth info.and people tell me it's cheaper at the hospital. Home birth cost me way WAY less and that included all pregnancy and post partum care for me plus baby

Fetal Positions for labor and birth.

What To Know About Your Baby's Position During Labor and Birth

Fetal Positions for Labor and Birth: Knowing what position your baby is in for birth can make a huge difference.

How the placenta detaches and the Importance of natural oxytocin vs. pitocin.  Well- written!

An actively managed placental birth might be the best option for most women Midwife Thinking

Kaya Birthing Stools. this looks like the best thing so far. Oh well - I guess the staircase balastrating and good old squatting will do for me until they bring the price down! at least good to know there is such an option. maybe ask at hospital/ midwife if they have them or hire them? there r also many other such stools much cheaper.

How Can I Find Out My Ovulation Date

Kaya Birthing Stool positions chart - whoa this looks amazing! So much better then the silly bouncy ball, hated that thing.

Красотата на акушерството | High View Art

Birth Without Fear "In this picture, the midwife is telling Mama, 'don't get lost in the pain'. It was a very powerful moment." ~Leilani Rogers, Photographer in Cedar Park, Texas.