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Vizima or Wyzim (Polish: Wyzima) is the capital city of Temeria, one of the Northern Kingdoms.

barco de pesca medieval - Pesquisa Google

Riften by medieval building bridge city inn landscape location environment architecture

Tomb King Hallway, par Sven Bybee, in Age of Reckoning

A cozy place by flaviobolla

Taking in a medieval tavern's ambience by the fireside...  audio atmosphere

of the Past Child Publishing# Golden Stag tavern, where Genevieve works before going to St. Mary's Abbey, must have looked like this

Poor's Neighbourhood by Lemonushka on DeviantArt

Poor's Neighbourhood by Lemonushka on DeviantArt

Loading Temple quarter night.png

Temple Quarter

The uprising of the non-humans has changed the Temple Quarter of Vizima beyond recognition.

#SpellForce 3 #ConceptArt - Cities in Nortander  Besides ruins and other mysterious places, there are, of course, also densely populated areas with large cities. Those cities are the major trading points as well as the centres of the cultural live in the kingdom. But they also provide numerous dark alleys for shady individuals to do their businesses.  The manifold landscape of Nortander is also reflected in the layout and architecture of the cities. Many of the bigger cities located in the…

Beginner Village village filled with low class humans and beginners at level

steampunk-art — steampunktendencies: Lyonesse City by.

Main town by IIDanmrak on DeviantArt

The amazing digital art of IIDanmrak The Digital Matte Painting Handbook


Like Sonora the Pirate city - This concept art for a medieval-styled seaside trading port has a really excellent mood, especially with the layering.

-- by b lee

ArtStation - samurai, Lee b

Gothic Interior, Angelo Person on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/exy2X:

Gothic Interior, Angelo Person on ArtStation

This is Gorack, a small village with a sketchy reputation. Under its rough stone paths lie hidden sellers and secret bars, fight clubs, and dirty clubs. And on its surface, just normal markets, shops and it's fantasy inhabitants.

Medieval Village by João Neto . more with healing sounds:


Greatness from small beginnings

Building Bilgewater: A Pirate Renovation League of Legends

Art-Spire, Source d'inspiration artistique | Fantastic colorful environments by Tyler Edlin

Fantastic colorful environments by Tyler Edlin

Digital Paintings & Fantasy Enviroment By Tyler Edlin