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Lol this caption used to say "cloud." I think it deserves a nice adjective attached at least!

I dreamt I was trying to explain the beauty of grey clouds and light in the sky but only the one I love understood it, and added to my description with his own, which showed an understanding and a connection that made my heart want to burst!


BOOK QUOTE: "The darkness around us presses down, as if to listen. The music of the wind rises and falls with the swirls of the snow, the creaking of the sea of branches in the darkness above us." — from the novel Sinful Folk PHOTO: Sutro Forest by

ecocides:    Above the clouds | image by the air in the branches

Riding above the clouds / it's such a peaceful space, yet alien landscape of sorts. This place is getting me down.

chasingtailfeathers: P. Nisbet (b. ) Colossus, 2007 Oil, 48 x 36 inches Nisbet’s painting is on the cover of the newly released book, Art Journey America Landscapes: 89 Painters