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Ojou-sama wa Oyome-sama - MANGA - Lector - TuMangaOnline

Ojou-sama wa Oyome-sama - 14.00 por SRM: Recopilaciones manga

Boku no Ie ni Oide - MANGA - Lector - TuMangaOnline

Ven a mi casa - 2.00 por Takuma Usui no Fansub

Boku no Ie ni Oide in order to live a normal life she gits her first part time job but after her first paycheck she runs into a guy who she allmoste kills. Is this a fated meeting?

Ou-sama wa Shitsuji-sama - MANGA - Lector - TuMangaOnline

Ou-sama wa Shitsuji-sama - 2.00 por Whitelies Fansub

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 70 Hoshi no Fansub

70 Hoshi no Fansub - Leer Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 70 Hoshi no Fansub online español

Tell me that his face doesn't yell "you stupid forewirks ruined the chance that I worked so hard for" XD

Usui and Misaki

I need that relationship that's it I am getting a maid costume and a job at a maid café and hope no one from school finds out bc I am already on the school council wink wink