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I’m a black woman, here’s why I just can’t support Hillary Clinton -  Photo:  US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan  THOUGH STRONG BLACK WOMEN in the public eye like Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington and Viola Davis recently released an ad endorsing Hillary Clinton, as a 26-year-old black woman, I cannot stand by their endorsement.  The Democratic frontrunner self-describes... | http://wp.me/p5qhzU-fmS | #Travel #bucketlist #dreamplaces

Noose tightens on Clinton as second federal judge grants discovery in e-mail fiasco

Eight things about anxiety...

The Thing About Anxiety Is...

People With Anxiety Perceive The World In A Fundamentally Different Way - A person isn't responsible for having a mental illness.


DuckDuckGo has added two new search filters to their privacy-oriented search engine.

Memorial Day remembers the cost of war. Let's honor those who tried to minimize it.

It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars, too

It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars, too - Vox

The Whigs chose power over principles when they nominated Zachary Taylor in 1848. It  was summer, & a major U.S. political party had just chosen an inexperienced, unqualified, loutish, wealthy outsider with ambiguous party loyalties to be its presidential nominee. Some party luminaries thought he would help them win the general election. But many of the faithful were furious & mystified: How could their party compromise its ideals to such a degree? The party never recovered.

How an Outsider President Killed a Party

How an Outsider President Killed a Political Party: Zachary Taylor & the Whig Party - POLITICO Magazine

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Clinton will be the boys vs. girls election—and that's scary news for the GOP frontrunner.

Don't be afraid!

The bathing machine was a device, popular in the and centuries, to allow people to change out of their usual clothes, possibly change into swimwear and then wade in the ocean at beaches. Bathing machines were roofed and walled wooden carts

WHY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ISN'T MOVING TO THE LEFT - The L-word remains a dicey description for a party whose foundation remains in the center.  While it’s true more Americans identify as liberals, the heart of the Party remains in the middle. In a January Pew Research survey, just over a third of Dems described themselves as liberal, compared with 63% . . . . (PHOTO:  Seen here at the 2012 DNC Convention, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma), , still represent a minority voice within the party.)

Maybe it isn't actually harder to run for Congress as a woman.

nate silver

Nate Silver: 'Calm down,' Donald Trump won't win the GOP nomination

One of the nation's top polling analysts says real-estate magnate Donald Trump is unlikely to win.

Joe Biden Edges Past Bernie Sanders In National Poll

Hillary Clinton still led the Democratic field.

Gwyneth Paltrow shares her guide to anal sex - HarpersBAZAAR.co.uk

Gwyneth Paltrow shares her guide to anal sex

Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Her Lifestyle Website 'Goop' to the West Coast

Image result for medieval literature

Image result for medieval literature

Ten Tips for Firearm Safety in Your Home

Ten Tips for Firearm Safety in Your Home

Study Finds States With Background Checks Have Fewer Mass Shootings Here's one common-sense fix to a recurring American nightmare.

“masculinist bias persists even in the discussion of philosophers who are attempting to reevaluate woman and the ‘womanly’ in a positive way ... This bias is not just a peculiar shortcoming of these philosophers, but is woven into the fabric of Western philosophy.”

Without engaging in political activism, we are committing ourselves to “absurd vegetation.