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Awwww I would love this as a tattoo for my kids! Under each elephant put their name. Or put their names on the flags their holding lol.

Pooh bear

Pooh bear

Watercolour Anatomy Art PRINT Flower Brain

Medical Anatomy Art- Stunning Watercolour Flower Brain PRINT

Week 4 submission color- I think this is an interesting drawing because the color brings out the meaning. Watering a plant helps it grow just like "watering" the brain helps it grow

The best is yet to come. 8 x 10 digital print. by FreckledInkling

The best is yet to come. 8" x 10" digital print. Wall art, wall decor, print, printable

Globo rojo

Buy 'Elephant with balloon' by stickersgalore as a Sticker. very cute elephant. 104 views as of 520 views as of 1233 views as of

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Sweet baby elephant and little rabbit art illustration decor. This would be a sweet tattoo, especially a tiny tattoo!