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Everyone has problems. Libras are just better at hiding them than others. They don't want their feelings to ruin the mood for everyone. Soooo true, at least for this Libra.

Nutin but the truf! LOL, Seriously, this is so so true, yet I find myself the recipient of much unsolicited instructions.


A Libra could have a 100 admirers, but that doesn't matter because when they have an eye on someone, they only have eyes for that one and only person. so no worries they remain loyal even if you don't see it

all or nothing... holding something back might as well be lying

all or nothing. holding something back might as well be lying Half truth is no better than Lies.do not lie on Libra.otherwise you will lose their trust completely.

B says...Please don't make me wait too long FF...my wait has already been too long..and yeah there is no doubt about the right person!

sorry but sooo dang true. not going to settle for anyone so there! only the right person will be able to get me to say yes. I'm picky with high standards

Yup! :) Always! I should start charging money

I can't speak to this one. Not a drinker. I do know Libra's like to have fun and once one will let you close enough. You will get to see their silly & fun side.

Always tend to see exactly what's going on around them so you can't fool them

zodiacmind: “Fun facts about your sign here ” Best libra quote I have found so far because it is true.

U must have really done the most! Once my mind is made up there is no turning back

This is me - even though my birthday is October 23 - most places say Im a Libra. Hate being a Libra/ Scorpio cusp

Fun facts about your sign here

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