Non Human Being-Monster-Hybrid-Animal-Beast-Claws-Paws-Obscure. Find more on the "Creativity+Fantasy" board.

SAHAQIEL, ANGEL OF THE SKY. I am thy protector and thy keeper. I am thy shield and thy restraint. I am the light which illuminates thy life and burns thine eyes. I am the barrier which separates thee from the divine. I am Sahaqiel, Angel of the Sky.

Tree Of Life, Emanations. By Peter Mohrbacher.

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The Samurai were highly skilled Japanese warriors that hailed from noble families and served the local lords. Read 7 interesting facts about the Samurai.

Today we have collected some creative Illustration design examples. And we hope you all like these Illustrations as you like in past.

Alors que je viens tout juste de recevoir mon numéro de livraison pour Conan, de nouveaux et nombreux projets Kickstarter, que j'attends de...

侍の芸術 (Arte Del Samurai)

Samurai crests / Japanese Kamon 家紋: Kamon are emblems used to identify a family (coats of arms) in Japan

this is a character design hope to use in my game for my demonic heads, the heads would use these water creatures as slaves to get their dirty work done as these walking creatures would be souls trappe by the emonic overlords ruled by the heads.