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You could start off with a collage. Find machine parts from magazines or good quality images from the internet (not pixelated). Collage these over the features of a portrait photograph

Quando a pintura clássica enlouquece! – As colagens de Barry Kite

Quando a pintura clássica enlouquece! – As colagens de Barry Kite

2/27: Irony: Babamukuru commends Jeremiah on the excellent job he did fixing the roof, when Tambu and Lucia were actually the ones to fix it. They "could not hide [their] smiles" (208) and Babamukuru said to Jeremiah "even your daughter is pleased when you have done a good job" (208). He has no idea that women worked to fix it.  He does not realize that women are equally as capable as men, and this will have consequences in the future.

Some of the absolute worst days of my life began when I woke up with X's where my eyes used to be. huNGovEr mucH?

Ai como somos loquinhos hoje em dia! Ahhhh essa juventude só faz maluquice!! Ainnnn antigamente que era bom…. CARA, PARE e veja essas fotos que provam que seus bisavós também podem ter feito coisas um tanto quanto estranhas… só não tinha redes sociais pra compartilhar isso… Você ja escutou e viu muito bem apesar de […]

42 fotos antigas que mostram que seus bisavós eram mais bizarros que você

The Curious Self-Serving Machines of Dan Grayber

mechanics, inner workings, complex system, dependent on all parts, all parts are different steel metal gears - hot forging mechanical presses - www.it -

Ponto de vista.

Which of these two double-headed illusions do you think is best? Vote your choice by commenting below. In each image, which face did you see first? Face forward or face to the side?

Lógica, geometria e espaço são a essência de todas as peças da designer Maiko Takeda. A japonesa faz o simples parecer complicado, transformando ordem em caos.

Misteriosa Beleza: conheça o trabalho de Maiko Takeda

London-based fashion designer’s Maiko Takeda’s latest collection, “Atmospheric Reentry” is more like a series of wearable sculptures. Slivers of ultra-thin plastic extend from the garments