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Happiness is a wagging Boxer tail when you come home. This face ♡

Gorgeous Boxer!

Boxer - Energetic and Funny

despite their tough looking appearance, boxer are just the softest, most affectionate dogs around! -- this is an especially beautiful Boxer!

Peek-a-boo boxer More The Doors, Doggies Dogs, Sad Boxers Dogs, Sad Faces, Sad…

He doesn't want me to leave.such a typical boxer trait! making you feel bad everytime you walk out the door without them!

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Paw-trait photographer fit for a King Charles Spaniel: The stunning (and strange) pictures of dogs by five-times champion pet snapper

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Boxer - Energetic and Funny

Sweet boxer baby!!

Buddy the Mixed Breed - King Charles Spaniel & Boston Terrier Mix. Looks like a mini-boxer! I've always wanted a mini boxer!

Boxer pals

Emerald's Real Deal At Everlast (Vander) X Mi-T's Electrical Storm (Tesla) *I KNOW these two gorgeous Boxers!