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Candy Cane Blossoms

Candy Cane Blossom Cookie Recipe - Of Fun Recipes for Christmas Cookies, Cakes, Desserts & More!

Sweet Christmas Cookie Idea

Snowflake Sugar Cookies Annie's favorite sugar cookie recipe, to taste wonderful with the cookies decorated with Royal Icing. You will see the link for the tutorial for the frosting!

Christmas cookies

Holiday Cookie Gift Ideas & Cookie Decorating Tips. Great cookie recipes and gift ideas for creating new family Christmas traditions this holiday!

Christmas Tree Cookies!

Are you ready to decorate some Christmas Trees for one of the favorite holiday seasons of the year? I’ve got 10 Super Sweet Christmas Tree Desserts to share with you!

Top 16 Christmas Cookie Designs – Cheap Easy & Unique Party Day Decor Project - Homemade Ideas (6)

"Gingerbread Men may run away, but they will be back by Valentine Day" A gentle stretch on one hand of the gingerbread man makes him extra friendly.

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Christmas Holiday Sugar Cookies- with links to her sugar cookie recipe and a royal icing tutorial (how to get your cookies to have the perfect icing edging).

Reindeer Chow!

Reindeer Chow, commonly known as muddy buddies but with a fun holiday twist! Chocolate and peanut butter coated crispy cereal, tossed in powdered sugar. Seriously the best Christmas snack ever!