Nothin’ better than a bunch of pastel kitties. Hey can someone make bedsheets/wallpaper/various items of clothing with this print and then send them to me? Thanks.

Amy Borrell is a freelance Illustrator and Designer based in Melbourne.She has a BA in Design (Honours) from RMIT and spends her days working on all kinds of lovely projects with clients across publishing, fashion and retail; whilst drinking lots of tea!

print & pattern

print & pattern

I'm either the top cat or the second to last one!

Cat Pile -- sigh, keep finding cute cat pics - but I want some dog ones (or even other animals! Artists must lean towards a love of cats.

Why yes, I have been known to do this from time-to-time :D chronic illness

"I choose to show my emotions through wild fits of lying around" - Striped Cat Print of Original Painting with by tinyconfessions


Cats is part of the novelties collection from Dashwood studio. Designed by Lizzie Mackay this cute cotton fabric features sweet cats on a beige background. This fabric is sold in quarter metre units measuring by For a fu