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Bauhinia Blakeana. Photo taken in Kawaihau, Kauai, Hawaii by Elangovan Shanmugam.

20 Stunning Tropical Flowers From Around The World

Madagascar Jasmine's fragrant, waxy, tubular white flowers. Its dark green leaves are ovate and leathery making this woody stemmed climber somewhat 'neat' in appearance. During the growing season keep your plant evenly moist, but not waterlogged, letting the soil to go dry to the touch. Keep it drier during the cooler winter period. Fertilize spring through fall to encourage and maintain bloom. Watch for scale or mealy on this sweet-smelling plant.

The Sweetest Plant You'll Ever Smell

Last week at Sprout Home we received a shipment of Stephanotis floribunda, or Madagascar jasmine, and since that delivery the sweet heavy perfume of its .