Princess Mononoke by on @deviantART

Maybe do Princess mononoke meets okami?

Stupid Human by on @DeviantArt - San and Ashitaka from Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke"

‘Stupid Human’ One of my pieces for ‘Spirit of The Wind: A Studio Ghibli Tribute Show’!

Princess of the Demons by on @DeviantArt

This is an fanart to the movie Mononokie Hime or Princess Mononoke (in translation from japanease princess of the demons) wich is one of my favorite mov. Princess of the Demons

My Poor, Ugly, Beautiful Daughter by on @DeviantArt - San from Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke"

An Artwork done for Glitch Singapore's Exhibition tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. It's available for purchase here for the next month and a. My Poor, Ugly, Beautiful Daughter



From Princess Mononoke: forest fight by mariposa-nocturna on deviantART.

forest fight by mariposa-nocturna (Princess Mononoke fan-art)

Princess Mononoke for Bear and Bird Gallery show by on @DeviantArt:

Bear and Bird Gallery is having a Studio Ghibli tribute show. Princess Mononoke for Bear and Bird Gallery show

Spirit of the forest

Part 11 of my January Fanart project Ghibli series. ______________________ Finally the last piece of the Ghibli series.

Princess Mononoke 1 by DanielGovar on deviantART

Media: Kuretake no 40 with watercolor on hot press Arches Size: Notes: Commission Princess Mononoke 1

San. by #fanart Studio Ghibli - Princess Mononoke

The Movies by Matt Synowicz