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Majestic Iceberg II © Camille Seaman

Majestic Iceberg II © Camille Seaman

Iceberg Illustrations by "Chaotic Atmospheres"

Icebergs Looks Like Watercolor Paintings

Antarctica Is Melting, and Giant Ice Cracks Are Just the Start    The massive iceberg poised to break off the Larsen C Ice Shelf may be a harbinger of a continent-wide collapse that would swamp coastal cities around the world.

sneeking: “ sixpenceee: “A startling sunset reddens the Lemaire Channel, off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The continent’s coastal ice is crumbling as the sea and air around it warm. (Source) ” crying bc of the beauty and.

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The Last Iceberg

These stunning photos of disappearing icebergs show the impact of climate change on the planet

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Camille Seaman | Iceberg031

Camille Seaman, Floating Icebergs in Drift Ice II, Ross Sea, (from the series, The Last Iceberg Series II).

An overturned iceberg with amazing coloration in Antarctica's Cierva Cove.

Photographer captures rare, breathtaking images of recently flipped iceberg

An overturned iceberg with amazing coloration in Cierva Cove in What an amazing sight to be lucky enough to see for that photographer

Icebergs of Antarctica

"Incongruity or dysfunction can bubble beneath the surface of any opportunity, the iceberg-sized pieces of which you only see face to face once you are actually swimming in the ocean.