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Barrel Knot light pull in hemp

Stonk Knots rope light pulls are hand made to measureare hand made to measure in hemp, cotton or black nylon, using Monkey fist knot, star knot, barrel knot and crown knot designs.

Today on our Knot of the Week, we're going to continue our Fast Rope construction with a demonstration of a 4-Strand Eye Splice. On a previous KOTW we've s

How to Make a Fast Rope Eye Splice- More interested in making a climbing rope from common small diameter rope

DIY Marlin Spike + Splicing Up A Toggle Rope.

I recently got the job of splicing some quoits for a throwing game at work and was using my Grandads old marlin spike , the nice one with the dark.

A toggle rope was part of the standard equipment of British Commandos and the Paras during WW2.  It was 6 feet (1.8 m) long, and had a toggle at one end in a tightly fitting eye splice, with a larger eye at the other end. This enabled them to be fastened together to create a rope ladder or use to create a rope bridge among other uses.  It is known that besides the Admiralty Patrol they were also issued to Kingsbarns Patrol in Scotland and used in training at Melville House.

A toggle rope was part of the standard equipment of British Commandos and the…

McDonald Brummel | Make a Brummel Eye Splice using McDonald method | Splicing Knots

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Furoshiki=fabric-wrapped presents

I like unique gift wrapping ideas that are REALLY quick to use. That is why furoshiki are my new favorite gift wrap. These Japanese wrapping scarves or cloths (also called bojagi in Korea)