Awh i loved this movie when i was a kid, total classic! Always made me tear up! :/

my heart broke just looking at this picture. I cry everytime I watch The Fox and the Hound


Funny pictures about You uncultured swine. Oh, and cool pics about You uncultured swine. Also, You uncultured swine.

This is how I feel when I have to wake up at seven in the morning to get to class on time.

Disney wake up styles. Unless I'm heading to a Disney park, my wake up style resembles Mushu.

Disneyland's Peter Pan.

Disneyland's Peter Pan

14 Reasons Peter Pan At Disneyland Is The Most Adorable Thing Ever. I LOVE Peter Pan. I want to get a job as Wendy.

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Difference between Gothel and the Queen when hugging Rapunzel (Tangled) - awww!

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Anna has super strength/agility head cannon accepted. Frozen is not a prequel to the Incredibles.

Who needs school when have Disney teaching you all these lessons?

Things Disney taught me // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Who needs school?

A few facts about Disney's movie "Enchanted"

The film also includes Paige O'Hara (Belle from Beauty and the Beast) on the TV in James Marsden's hotel room, and Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas) as the single mom who answers the door and tells Prince Charming that he's "too late".

"Stop being so stoic, Stoick"

I'm 23 and I teared up in this scene.-----Voldemort teared up at this scene okay?