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Lance Armstrong's Live Strong site is great for health and fitness information. I am beginning to life weights to regain strength after a shoulder injury.

Calisthenics & Weight Loss

Weight training offers the keys to the kingdom to women older than 50 seeking an answer to fat gain, loss of muscle mass and a lack of bone density.

Think you can guess the first ingredient in these foods? - Nutrition Action

Think you can guess the first ingredient in these foods? - Nutrition Action

With diabetes,protecting the kidneys is a must.See why in this article from Nutrition Action: Seven reasons to be good to your kidneys - Nutrition Action

Kidney disease is the leading cause of death among all Americans and the leading cause among adults 65 to 74 years of age.

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Salt in Soup Gives You More Than Flavor - Nutrition Action

Don't forgot to serve your soup with a large spoon. There's no need to be dainty when eating something so delicious and healthy for you.

Sesame Noodles 4 oz whole wheat spaghetti / 4 C bean sprouts / 2 C thin-sliced snow peas / 2 T toasted sesame oil / 1/4 C no-salt peanut butter / see recipe...

Trying to eat more plant-based meals? Wondering what to make for your vegetarian dinner guests? How about one of our favorite dishes, Sesame Noodles? Slice the snow peas and whisk…

Is too much phosphorus in food a threat to your kidneys? - Nutrition Action

All are known to increase the risk of kidney disease. Now a number of scientists are worried that the list should also include the phosphorus in…

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Research has revealed that you don't only get major healthy benefits from eating probiotic-infused yogurt, but it may also help improve your brain function.

The Dangers of Sponges and Dish Cloths — How to keep them clean and your kitchen safe.

Why sponges are the riskiest item in your kitchen - Nutrition Action