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giraffe- hair art

Japanese artist Nagi Noda, who was best known for creating the bizarre Poodle Exercise video, made these hair “hats” that look like animals.


These beautifully engineered, animal-shaped hair hats from Japanese art director Nagi Noda are just too amazing for words.

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The Girl Who Hates Her Hair Extreme Beauty Shot / Hair Wars First Call-out Melrose Bickerstaff Call-out Order: Anchal J.


Can We Guess Your Favorite Color?

Rainbow french braid via Hair Romance.a fun idea for Crazy Hair Day at school!

My hair just does this naturally in the mornings. 野田凪 (Nagi Noda)

Hairy Art: Artists Who Use Hair as Their Medium

These hair hats are so much fun! Japanese designer, Nagi Noda, created them in her typical eccentric style. Nagi died a few years ago at the young age of 3


Hanpanda 野田 凪 Nagi Noda has always been an artist I have looked up to and been inspired by, from fine art and interiors, to j.