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Science Guy Steve Spangler's Halloween Tricks!

Steve Spangler on Ellen Halloween special of science experiments (gas that is heavier than air, and exploding foam)

Once upon a time... Rosetta's second year at the comet

Rosetta describes the exciting discoveries she made during her second year at Comet after the comet made its closest approach to t.

Stanford researchers solve the mystery of the dancing droplets - explanation of phenomena under the link.

These Colorful Liquid Droplets Chase Each Other Like Living Organisms

A puzzling observation, pursued through hundreds of experiments, has led Stanford researchers to a simple yet profound discovery: Under certain circumstances, droplets of fluid will move like performers in a dance choreographed by molecular physics


The biggest gamble in the history of space: Landing on a comet

Миссия Rosetta: конец близок / Интересный космос

On the last day of her incredible mission, Rosetta slowly descends to the surface of Comet After having sent her extraordinary data back home, she is ready to join Philae for a well deserved rest on the comet. But is there one last surprise in store?

Once Upon a Time There Was a Spacecraft Called Rosetta…

there was a spacecraft called Rosetta. Rosetta had been travelling in space for 10 years, towards a comet called Before long, Ro.

Nautilus Magazine Exclusive - Kokichi Sugihara's Folding Ladder

Nautilus Magazine Exclusive - The Illusion Machine That Teaches Us How We See A mathematician is using computers to manufacture award-winning illusions

Instant Egghead - What's the Difference Between a Comet and an Asteroid?

Instant Egghead - What's the Difference Between a Comet and an Asteroid?