basically, because heaven knows I'M not going anywhere near that button O.O

A hilarious situation showing a giant spider that is sitting right next to the emergency button. An ironic caption says that in case of emergency no one will want to push the button because of the bug.


this is in anderson, sc, about 15 minutes from us. we drive by it quite often. one of my best friends worked at that kohls. i never realized what the sign said until i saw it on here with the caption "kohl's does WHAT?

Best friends

Sometimes being random is a good thing. Most of the time being funny is a great thing, so these random funny pictures and a good, great thing. Enjoy both the randomness and and humor of these pictures.


Funny pictures about Loading Afro. Oh, and cool pics about Loading Afro. Also, Loading Afro.


Funny pictures about Generous Tooth Fairy. Oh, and cool pics about Generous Tooth Fairy. Also, Generous Tooth Fairy.

Can you see what is funny here? When you figure it out share it with your friends......

Once you find it, you will laugh. And if u didn't find it, the girl on her shirt is eating the other girls' boob

Saw this on Tosh.0

Funny pictures about I want to play a game. Oh, and cool pics about I want to play a game. Also, I want to play a game.

Silly pic quote to share! If olive oil is made of oil is !!!

If olive oil is made of olives then baby oil. - Funny baby is shocked thinking: "If olive oil is made of olives. baby oil is made of.