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Humans are always doing strange and interesting things to their hair, but JMC Equestrian Driving & Custom Clipping based in England has decided it's time for horses to get in on the fun too. It only makes sense, considering animals also need a trim every

Beautiful Red Shire Horse....I have never seen this color....WOW!

Red shire horse in Devon, England Beautiful all the more reason to go to England

Cows are VERY gentle & peaceful animals. They're FULLY capable of learning, loving, and understanding/assessing their environment. As gentle, peaceful, and touching as this picture might be, there is still the SLAVERY tag on her ear!   Her future is predictable. The slaughterhouse is waiting for her!   Please embrace the compassion to its fullest level and say NO to slaughterhouses, death, and screams ..... GO VEGAN TODAY & FOR LIFE! — with Emily Ruggiero and Joan Snyder.

"I love you, cow" "I love you too, tiny human." i think animals are 100 time more kind hearted then us humans. How can you not be vegan?


>(The wild roam free because they don't compromise their differentiality; They don't accept being average.


If I ever have horse I want one like, this always said I wanted a horse with a blonde mane, beautiful. Love the horse ❤️

pretty blue roan

"My Final Notice" Blue Roan Quarter Horse Stallion. He Stands Stud at Riverside Ranch.