Wayne Reynolds, i'm not sure who she is or where shes from, i would guess pathfinder?, but she looks awesome all the same!


Here’s Paizo’s Ameiko, a recurring character in their Pathfinder adventures. *could be fun to create a costume from Nice lute!

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Though this DnD, I thought it might be useful when planning Video Game maps.

Great barbarian costume idea

Kings of the realm by Grafit-art fighter barbarian axe sword armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Clint Cearley- reminds me of Kvothe

Bard - Dungeons and Dragons by ClintCearley on I'm a nerd, I know. As a big fan of DD I have to point this out - Half-elf bard! The only kind there is.

Orc guerrière

Amiri by Wayne Renolyds. The barbarian "Iconic" character for Pathfinder. Iconic characters in Pathfinder illustrate the hows and whys of class to players both new and old, along with having their own place in the setting.


Adowyn the Hunter - Iconic Character illustration from Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide by Wayne Reynolds


f Rogue Assassin leather Cape crossbow sword forest mountains hills underdark FRANKA by Marko-Djurdjevic on deviantART