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Last week I tried explaining Benedict Cumberbatch to someone. This weekend he saw Star Trek Into Darkness.

Benedict Cumberbatch at Masterpiece/Sherlock, Season panel discussion for the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour, Pasadena, January

Parade's End promo shot

Benedict Cumberbatch (Christopher Tietjens) & Rebecca Hall (Sylvia Tietjens) - Parade’s End (TV-Series,


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Benedict Cumberbatch with Rolleiflex 3.5F and Misha Handley in Parade’s End. } Shooting Film: Interesting Portraits of Celebrities with Rolleiflex TLR Cameras

Benedict Cumberbatch (Christopher Tietjens) & Misha Handley (Michael) - Parade’s End (TV-Series,

benedict daily

Benedict Cumberbatch, just marry me already. (A girl can dream)

"Words can't describe this..." - They really can't.  My God.  You have done some exquisite work with this one.

Parade's End was a fantastic period piece; amazing work by the entire cast. Not to mention Benedict looked utterly handsome

Not sure where to put this... so I'll just leave it here...

Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tjietens, the brilliant, nostalgic, Tory Everyman at the end of the parade.- Parade’s End (TV-Series,