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I poeti lavorano di notte quando il tempo non urge su di loro, quando tace il rumore della folla e termina il linciaggio delle ore. I poeti lavorano nel buio come falchi notturni od usignoli dal dolcissimo canto e temono di offendere Iddio. Ma i poeti, nel loro silenzio fanno ben più rumore di una dorata cupola di stelle. [A. Merini]

Writing at Night vs. Like most writers starting out, I thought that writing was an all day event. From the moment you got out of bed, you were supposed to be sitting in front of your computer, until the moment you w…

Guns for Writers

Gun terms for writers lol, my dad is a gun smith, so I just found this to be a nice refresher course, but it's still really good information for writers!<<< Same, I already knew most of the terms but this was still good for books and stuff

Fiction University: We Have a History: Making Backstory Work for You

By Janice Hardy, Along with adverbs and telling, I think backstory completes the unholy trinity of writing.

Defining "The Mirror Moment" when the Protagonist reflects on who they are at THE pivotal moment in their story.

"The Mirror Moment: A Method for Both Plotters and Pantsers" by James Scott Bell on Helping Writers Become Authors

'Why You Should Write: How Keeping A Journal Can Help...!' (via Her Campus)

Why You Should Write: How Keeping A Journal Can Help

Large notebooks covered in fabric, could do it myself! this is such a cute idea, I need these notebooks as a stationary addict myself!

How to plot a novel | Writers Workshop  Read thoroughly later....it sounds like there are a lot of good advice here!

How to plan a novel: a plot structure template

The Writers' Workshop provides professional editing services for authors. Read tips on prose writing, sentence structure and self-editing for fiction writers.

The magical book. Write about the magic these pages contain and what magical things happen when you read it.

Easy 10 Step Process For Making Your Own Videos For Marketing And Lead Generation #VideoMarketing

Easy 10 Step Process For Making Your Own Videos For Marketing And Lead Generation #VideoMarketing

Writing Horses in Fantasy

Aspen In most fantasy novels, horses play a role, whether they be used simply for traveling, or if they are a major character. They also happen to be one of the most romantici…