"It is a never ending sea of dirt and sand...occasionally interrupted by an abrupt hill of exactly the same material. Never have I set foot in such a desolate place, and yet, the people here have joy unlike any other." - A Stranger's Journal

~~Ripples and Flames ~ sand dunes, Empty Quarter, United Arab Emirates by Marc Adamus~~


Sand Dunes, Cervantes, Western Australia by Christian Fletcher looks like White Sands NM


White Sands National Monument ~ Alamogordo, New Mexico (photo by Ian Parker, Irvine, California).

Sunset, Kauai, Hawaii

Sunset, Kauai, Hawaii - never took a picture like this while there.but what a beautiful place. heaven on earth.

Death Valley Sunrise

Death Valley Sunrise by Rob Kroenert. I had fun running on the dunes for a beautiful sunset there.

White Sands National Monument New Mexico

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. Lay on your back in the warm sand at night and watch shooting stars.My favorite thing to do.

White Sands, NM ~ haven't been since I was a small child. Would love to take my girls!

My state! New Mexico Pride!Land of Enchantment. Sunset, White Sands, New Mexico. Itinerary for travel in the Southwest

Wave mounting.

bobbycaputo: “A Black and Blue Life: A Coal Miner Becomes a Photographer of Exquisite Waves and Seascapes Australian photographer Ray Collins first picked up a camera in 2007 and used it to photograph.

the sphinx & the milky way

love the color combo - tropical, green sea and an angry grey sky.