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Yes yes yes What is wrong with the people who believe that feminism is all about the "women-are-better-then-men"- thing just because it's called feminism. Don't you get that what feminists are trying to get is equality in this world, not a new (yes I'm exaggerating just to make you understand) dominating sex. Everyone should be treated as equals, not weaker or stronger, children shouldn't have to grow up thinking that they need to like a certain colour to be accepted which is how my…

And by weird I mean a cultural norm to demean women and overvalue men.

Feminism- exactly.  It has taken me years to even develop awareness of how much we have been impacted.  I'm so glad younger women are aware NOW.

Like y'all are SERIOUSLY out here MURDERING women for reserving their right to say no to you. It's NOT a debate, I WANT to be able to go outside without the intrusive thought of, "I could get killed today!


Devil's advocates always trying to have a 'logical' debate about something that doesn't affect them and isn't logical. I know men can get raped too. I just found this thought interesting.

"In using this example, it also very well demonstrates the childlike arguments made by "Men's Rights" activism or the "Meninists"." And feminists aren't fighting for JUST women

Wow sexualizing a 5 year old...

A fucking 5 year old! You have to be kidding me, let her live and be comfortable in her body/clothes

This is what I tell my sons.  I hope to see a change in my lifetime...

This is what rape culture looks like. This is what misogyny looks like. Society is using our existence as a weapon against us.

But even that is wrong, because one is your chest, the other is your butt, extremely close to your ACTUAL sex organs. Boys doing the same would be boys who have low sides to their shirts, or show close to their nipples, which have the same function as a women, just lesser used. This argument is so idiotic that guys do not even realize HOW their bodies work.

Also, breasts are secondary sex organs. Guys have breasts too. And it's considered totally okay for a guy to be walking around without a shirt. Guys breasts can even produce milk under more resticted circumstances than a woman's breasts can.