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Behavior speaks...

Your behavior speaks A LOT louder than your words! Words are nice but behavior outweighs all the sweet words in the world!


Reminds me of a bad storm over the Atlantic. Fantasy: I would be sitting in front of my picture window, in my home on the beach lol, watching it roll in. I love watching God / Mother Nature at work! I just pray everyone stays safe.

ive pinned this probably a million times... but i love it. so i shall pin again.

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We met for a reason,either you're a blessing or a lesson. At first you were "the blessing". Then you turned into "the lesson"!

Happy people build their inner world. Unhappy people blame their outer world. #happiness #world #meditation

Happy people build their inner world. Unhappy people blame their outer world. Your world 🌎 is what you make it.

Just do what makes you happy, you don't need to impress anybody but yourself

Life is so damn short for fuck sake just do what makes you happy. I like this it's straight to the point

This is the time you get to spend loving and getting to know yourself and growing into your fullest potential. Its also the time to let God mold you.

Yeah dumb girl get it, he doesn't love you, you are settling that's it! I know he's not ready so that is why I set boundaries and he's rebounding with you!

{ True. }

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One of the hardest things to do in life, is letting go of what you thought was real. This is indeed one of the hardest things, but life consists of learning to let go.

Honey i hate more than anything not being there when you needed me the most!!! It broke my heart to my love!!! I love you so much baby I know you no that! I promised you a long time ago I would never let you go an I won't!!!! Know one can ever be you in my heart besides you its just you!!!!

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so very true....

The most confused we ever get…

The most confused we ever get is when we try to convince our heads of something our hearts know is a lie. - Karen Moning Love Quote For Him Love Quote For Her Life Quotes