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Maladaptive daydreaming

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I should probably look up maladaptive daydreaming....

I should probably look up maladaptive daydreaming. Oh shit soo dreaming about ur future life with Ashton Irwin count right?

Um so by this definition I think I might have that... welp...

This is more helpful I think, in distinguishing between daydreaming and maladaptive daydreaming.

I dont know about you but I also have a type of anger where I am ironicly laughing my head off while I am telling someone to fuck off

Wow this is so me and perfectly described. I'm so glad someone was able to put into words what I couldnt. I honestly hate wet anger, I get that a lot


starting conversations <<< I have a friend (more like aquaintance) that sends a text asking "what are you doing" and then she replies to all of my texts with answers. She doesn't try to keep conversation going and it annoys me endlessly.

That's what some ppl don't get. I try to tell my parents things through songs and they just go omg this song is awful can u turn this sh*t off???

Yes, this is so true. You can learn so much about someone just by listening to the music and songs they like.