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Seriously guys, the show was called the Teletubbies. I'm sure plenty of us on here grew up with it, so DON'T repost chain mail you can make the change! #stopchainmail

While this may be concidered chain mail I'm really frikin sick of these stupid death threats. It's a load of crap and I'm tired of seeing it on my dash. If you believe reposting that will save your life you need to start believing in something else.

Scary! Um i kinda have important test tomorrow and i dont want to risk it(i usually didnt believe in this thing)

I didn't want to repost this AP Finals are next week and I can't chance anything.


Dont repon nothing will happen its so stupid these chain posts next one i see i will report the person who posts it srry but it has to happen, comment if u aggree with me

I can't risk it

I just think this is sincere between the girl and the boy but the chain message just had to ruin it

In the first second i saw it. My mind auto watched it. xD

After countless illusions in the media recently, let's see if you're good enough to get this one right. I did it!