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Esta tribo mongol realmente existe ... E as fotos são belíssimas

After living in Nepal and exploring Tibet and the Himalayas for more than a decade, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami decided he would travel to outer Mongolia to document the nomadic tribes and their unique way of life

This Mongolian reindeer rider was photographed by D. G. Ganba.  #Mongolia #Mongolian #Altaic #Turan

This Mongolian reindeer rider was photographed by D. G. Ganba. #Mongolia #Mongolian #Altaic #Turan

The Everyday Life Of Reindeer People Living In Mongolia 2

nomadic Dukha people in northern Mongolia - Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

The Dukha Tribe Of Reindeer Herders In Mongolia

The Dukha tribe was once thought of as a lost Mongolian tribe, but a photographer recently visited them and documented their place in this world.

We can honestly say that the Dukha people who inhabit Northern Mongolia are truly magical. This tribe shares a fascinating connection with the animals and landscape and live in perfect harmony with them, this type of connection is rarely seen in today’s world where we have completely forgotten wh…

Through his photos of the nomadic Dukha people in northern Mongolia, photographer and scholar Hamid Sardar-Afkhami gives us an unprecedented look into the everyday lives of a people that rely on herds of migrating reindeer for their day-to-day existence.

Marta, an Evenk woman with two draft reindeer in Surinda. Evenkiya, Siberia, Russia.

Marta, an Evenk woman with two draft reindeer in Surinda from ArcticPhoto, Russia Evenkiya - Russia - Stunning Photo Gifts From ArcticPhoto Copyright © (C) Bryan and Cherry Alexander Photography


The Lords of the Taiga - Mongolia

The Reindeer people of Mongolia 703-06: Sanjim who is the male elder of the Tsaatan who live high in the mountains of northern Mongolia. Faces his biggest fear which is that the young people may decide to leave the taiga, and that old people like him will end up alone. Sanjim rides his reindeer on their summer range. Donna Todd/Lightmediation

Kenzo on a Reindeer - inspiration! A tribal elder rides his reindeer across the steppes of Mongolia. His tribe has been recorded as domesticating their reindeer for the last years. by reiternick

Mongolian boy with his hunting partner, a Golden Eagle. When a boy turns 13 and is strong enough to carry the weight of a grown eagle, his father starts training him in the ancient hunting technique.

Samarkand, 13 years old, the youngest eagle hunter competitor -.

Ridiculously Photogenic Mongolian Horse

Ridiculously Photogenic Mongolian Horse

We are in the process of finalising the itinerary for my photo expedition to Western Mongolia in July For the next few days I will be posting images from this year's trip, including this shot of my good friend Shohan who we will be visiting again in