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Simple Mountain Illusion is Something More... - http://www.moillusions.com/simple-mountain-illusion-is-something-more/

Take a look at this amazing Simple Mountain Illusion is Something More. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

COOL! The universe has its secrets. Extra dimensions of space might be one of them. If so, the universe has been hiding those dimensions, protecting them, keeping them coyly under wraps. From a casual glance, you would never suspect a thing. It's hubris to think that the way we see things is everything there is. -Lisa Randall, theoretical physicist via She Sings to the Stars

The Sleeping Tiger Optical Illusion The_Sleeping_Tiger_by_willustration – Mighty Optical Illusions. This would make an awesome tattoo!

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Pinned for the quote. Clarity of seeing the true essence in all situations without interference from inner influences/perceptions/desires/prejudice.

Ancient wisdom for the modern age! Mystics and quantum scientists. sounds completely the same.