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"No I didn't!" "Yes he did mummy!" "I wasn't my fault! You pushed me!" "No I didn't!" "MUM!!!"

" "Tia, don't be a tattletale. Joa, what did I say about turning the gravity off?

write a story using this character... She sounds like Tamika Flynn from Night Vale!

"a small desert community where the sun is hot.and lights pass overhead as we all pretend to sleep.

Her name is Zola. She has black hair (as most witches do). Her skin is pale because she rarely leaves her house. She has dark green-yellow eyes. Those green-yellow eyes always seem large and innocent.

Writing prompt, Character bank: a witch's daughter cursed by a rival tribe as a mute.

"W-why?" She asked, eyes wide. The boy smirked mischievously. "How else are you supposed to have fun?"

" He asked, eyes wide. "How else are you supposed to have fun?

im seeing like a really cute little zombie walking up to someone with a copy of the Friends show and doing a little quizzical head like Friends??

she even had a good human friend. "I like my friends alive--but thanks for asking," she spat.

Writing Prompt

Writing prompt - Waking up with a dagger pointed at your throat is exactly as terrifying as you'd think it is.

"Can you blame me? I didn't grow up around mythological beings," she answered. "Ky." Kaya began, "you realize you have a choice, right?" Ky sighed, "to return? Where would I go? All I ever had was my dad and now he's sort of the enemy," "my enemy" "what?" "He's my enemy, ky, not yours. He took my loved ones. If you don't want to fight I'll have a raven escort you to Fletcher."

Jena swirled around to face Aven, brown cloak swishing against her heels.

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Character prompt: two characters where their tradition is one gives an ending and the other makes a story about it

the entire story is told as this person does minor surgery on a character, like stiches

Writing Prompt: Three universes

Inflection "Three universes exist, you're not. SUPPOSED, to be in all three.

Demons start to summon humans to get food, maybe stock up on them for an upcoming catastrophe? Like the current King of Hell decided to breed humans so they won't run out of souls... OR demons want to overthrow Satan, and need the humans for that - I mean we are kind of good at destroying, and they could summon soldiers, scientists by name... Or they could have decided to educate our race, because our conceptions of demons is awful and incorrect and HURTFUL. *sobs in demonic*

"You're a bit of a hot commodity right now, love. Everyone is trying to get their hands on you." Or if someone tried to summon John. And got every John in an x-mile radius

That's what they thought.

That's what they thought.

writing prompt (So what happens with middle/Jr. high and high school assassins? How are they paid? And what tasks are they given?)

Kindergarten ‘assassin’

You are a kindergarten 'assassin'. You don't kill people tough. You are paid (in candy, toys, etc.) to get other kids grounded.

It was a little difficult moving around with a straightjacket on, but this was hardly the first time he'd had to.

It was a little difficult moving around with a straitjacket on, but this was hardly the first time he'd had to.

"Well, that's surprising. Usually girls think I'm quite hilarious." James admits

hahahahahaaaaa protag would so say this

perhaps one of the tests

Writing prompt Your character is stranded on an island. They are alone, or so they assumed. Until he/she wakes up to find a message written in the sand.