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The quiet beauty of falling snow. Winter in Venice, Italy. wow I never thought of my favorite place to have winter now beautiful

Venice, Italy

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Venetian gondolas**.

Who has always wanted to take a romantic ride on a Venetian gondola? Plan your next vacation to Venice, Italy and check gondola ride off your "bucket list".

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She was enticed by the water. Something about it called her nearer, She knew it was dangerous, but she couldn't stop herself. She drew closer and closer until she was submerged under and could breath no longer.

Venezia, Italy by Melissa141

Reflections of Venice, Italy where every gondolier can take you to Don Juan's kissing bridge no matter their route.

Snow in Venice, Italy

She has two arias that may explane why late renaissance blossoms in Venice exactly - when it rains or snowing.Season changing brings exrta ornamentation to the sound of Venice - it is absolutely extraordinary sensation !

Watery doorway, Venice - Italy

I would happily get my toes wet if this was my entryway. Venice, Italy- I love this place, it was a favorite!