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The Southern Continent [by Stephan Martiniere]

Stephan Martinière - Cover of A Shadow in Summer: Book One of the Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham, 2006

Portail du Panthéon, au sommet du Mont Shimounsaï, Gaëvaudania.

, Peter Mohrbacher : I watched as the clouds poured forth from the mouth of the opening. The sky on the other side leaked through to flow down into the valley below, filling nothing of the infinite void that waited below it. Compared t

passage d'une sentinelle dégagement intérieur ... attention ça remonte laissez moi le passage libre pour aller vomir dans les oubliettes... dame rouge m'a transmis sa menstruation j'ai mal au coeur et au ventre... ouf le plus fort est passé... le passé... force de vie m'impose de m'en détacher... prisme dangereux me dit elle ...se défaire de ses épines cette chance nous est donné... de nous renouveler...

I like how the armours depicted in the artwork are based on actual Chinese armours instead of the "fantasized" armour we so often found in Chinese wuxia and period drama/movie. Chi-Hoo Shrine by Sean Soong on deviantART

Fantasy Art Engine

The earth shook with mighty tremors as a deep growl knocked icicles from the tree branches. The hunter had done it, he summoned the Forest Demon.


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O quinto dos Lordes do Abismo. Sua marca é o terror que rasteja por trás da…