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Friend just gave up in life | allkpop Meme Center

Friend just gave up in life | allkpop Meme Center

me and my best friend XD lol all the freaken time

aaand SHINee wins :3

I like but I like SHINee better x obvs

BEAST... #B2st oooooh Yoseob.... lol

Make Up timeeee!!!!

I think this is Infinite but I am not sure.oh well I thought it was hilarious

NaruSWAG | allkpop Meme Center


Hahahaha love it cx Meme Center

Picking beans out of rice - unspoken code for "we must be related"... Bahaha this is all so true

Aww lol Kdrama Glossary c:

They are my 4 favorite B groups! BIGBANG, B.A.P, Block B, and Bangtan Boys

Kpop Hip Hop, or hep hap

They don't look like women, but damn, they make pretty girls...

Lol anyone can look like a girl, it's just that some of these guys do better than actual girls.

Cut ppl off in mid sentence and finish what they were going to say with kpop lyrics

How to cut people off in midsentence and finish with kpop lyrics xD

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kekeke i tried reading this aloud and i ended up RLABing keke so thats the challenge~! Try reading this without laughing keke fighting! But cute ENGRISH though~! I EXO!

Poor Minho.  He must have been so 500% done. xD

Twitters side commentary on Minho's decent into despair

kekekeke I feel so sad for you Minho but you shouldve did something down there~! kekeke well this just made my day~

#Kpop #Meme #Funny

the class when ryuk writes "Pierce the Veil" on the board

I get realllly excited then I cry cause they never come near me :(

World Tours are the best! As long as you are in a country that is considered part of the world. I cry a river in India.

Found it on tumblr, but LOOL | allkpop Meme Center The first one tho XD THANK YOU ONEW!

The middle one is so funny I hope that will happen.


Such perfect descriptions of these groups xD

Lol kpoppers taking over random posts again <love this kpopfandom xD

Hold on, me and my siblings were so entranced by the rain that I didn't even know that this was a K-Pop post!

Zico's pics are a real life representation of how I feel about life in general most of the time. Exasperated, a little weirded out, and this causes other people's amusement.

The lovely leaders (◕‿◕✿)

Our leaders, forever upholding the true character of kpop bands