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The problems shy people face when growing up

18 Jokes Every Student Whose Written Anything Will Laugh At - 9GAG

18 Jokes Every Student Whose Written Anything Will Laugh At

I'm literally cry laughing right now, this applies to my adult real life deadlines too.

Taylor: Only a few.... Just a few.... Jeez maybe a FEW is not exactly the right thing to say... A couple? Three.... No, four? Maybe some... That's not right either...   Me: Keep going... You are getting there.

It's not like she was talking about the first guy she dated. She was referring to something more recent so it was 'a few mistakes ago.' Stop making these mean jokes about Taylor.

Me all my life it could be nice to have a friend it would be nice to have someone to talk to it would be amazing if a had a life to look forward too so thank you people who could have been there for me but wasn’t bc they were busy with the people who actually have “FRIENDS”

All of this is so true! I can't believe that I can relate to every single fact except the long hair

#LOL #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow yes  yes the computer lab that was also the library.

GAGBAY - I used to be the first in line everytime <--- l used to make sure no one stole 'my special seat' that l always sat on