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Help Save Endangered Tree Kangaroos!

Help save Papua New Guinea's Tree Kangaroos - one of the most critically-endangered species on the planet! signatures on petition)

Adidas, leave Skippy alone! - The Petition Site

Sign the Petition: Adidas, leave Skippy alone!

Help save India's tigers, elephants and leopards from palm o... - Care2 News Network

Sign the Petition: Help save India’s tigers, elephants and leopards from palm oil plantations


Scientists release critically endangered crocodiles back into the wild. These harmless fish-eating crocodiles have fewer than 200 adult breeding individuals left in the wild!

5 Incredible Hawaiian Species That Are Almost Gone

loulu palm tree, Hawaii, crowded out because of foreign Palm Species and deforestation

konstantin dimopoulos paints 'blue trees' to help cities go green

The Blue Trees installation by Egyptian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos

Most Beautiful Tree Species | Blue Trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos trees environment

"Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos uses environmentally safe pigments to paint the trunks and limbs of trees in urban areas to help raise awareness of the nearly 32 million acres of forests lost each year around the world.