I'm with ya all the way Knux!   The Coolest by Yellow-Jelly.deviantart.com on @deviantART

When I was a kid I thought Tails had a crush on Sonic and honestly that hasn't changed at all. I just think it's really cute, bury my trash ass. The Coolest

Amy, Cream, Rouge, and Blaze having a sleep over and exchanging their clothes. This is so cute!

Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, Chao, Cream the Rabbit, Rouge The Bat by Kekani

Are some of those who used to follow this comic still alive? Ok then I hope the long wait didn't dissapoint. I'm not a good writer =w=; but you wanted me to finish this comic so I had to xD. I'm no...

Well I just came to upload some stuff I've done these days, I haven't really been in the mood to draw cuz, very busy XD but I did this :'u lul a bit cliché but who cares XD comics are fun to waste .

Sonamy Comic - Parenting for a day by Shira-hedgie on DeviantArt

It's out in solicits now, so I can share the cover I painted for Sonic Universe last summer. Super fun, and really changed up my painting style! (I hope this is an ok substitution for missing yeste.