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US troops in Afghanistan

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Op Moshtarak 1

The aim of Operation MOSHTARAK was to clear the Taliban strongholds in central Helmand, establish security and support the restoration of Afghan governance.

Love this James Deitz painting.  So action-packed

Sierra Aviation Art :: Armor & Ground Combat :: Battle For An Najaf by James Dietz

In Safe Hands

Oil painting commissioned by the Special Forces Medical Group in A Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) aboard a Chinook above Southern Afghanistan, battles to save the life of an injured soldier.

I'M NOT this brave

An Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD) Team at work conducting Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) on Operation HERRICK in Afghanistan in

They Were Always There: US troops in Iraq

As one of the foremost historical artists, Larry Selman combines personal passion, unsurpassed talent, incredible attention to detail, and extraordinary authenticity in each painting.

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Afghanistan and Iraq Military Art Prints

Helmand Province, Afghanistan, July Troops from the Black Watch, 3 Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland SCOTS) and Royal Engineers are deployed by RAF Chinook helicopters as part of Operation Panther's Claw.

"In 1968 Catherine Leroy, one of the first female combat photographers of the Vietnam War era, surprised her North Vietnamese captors by photographing and interviewing them when they returned her cameras as they released her from detention. The photograph ended up on the cover of Life magazine."

Cathrine Leroy Female Combat Photographer

Photographer Catherine Leroy - During the Vietnam War, she shot some of the most brutal photographs to come out of the country. Wounded by shrapnel, taken prisoner She left with post-traumatic stress died in 2006