Explore Facts About Anxiety and more!

YES!!! The pattern project

Supporting, suicide/depression (previous, thankfully), lgbtq+, bullied (previously) and disorder (on technical terms although i don't really hate being madd~)

I have anxiety (×) but I will support all of these so I will also draw a peace symbol.

project icon: write a symbol on the side of your hand or your wrist that best represents you difficulty! and send me your pictures!

[Sex, Power, Intimacy]  The imagine shows the social construction of sexuality. Many terms were created to classify the "abnormal" individuals.

Gender spectrum Sexual Orientation spectrum<<I know more about this than a lot of my LGBTQ friends.

This Powerful Interactive Billboard Shows The Horrors Of Child Abuse

This Powerful Interactive Billboard Shows The Horrors Of Child Abuse. (please remember that 112 is the emergency number in Europe, here in the US always call Be someone's super hero, Stop Child Abuse

My Views on Sexuality

If you're demisexual, that's cool If you're transgender, that's cool If you're part of the LGBTQ+ community, that's cool

07_10_15_the_heart_project_by_rambycat-d90oxrh.png (800×800)

Don't draw with anything that could harm you please. If you're unable to draw on your body for some reason, try a sticky note or a piece of paper and put it in your pocket!


Please share, if this is true, we really do need prayer warriors to stand against the spirits of addiction and pharmakia and witchcraft in our neighborhoods. Have fun but use wisdom on Halloween!<<<THIS IS WHY I DON'T EAT GUMMY BEARS!