me @ topp dogg sometimes

*couch* supernatural *cough* sherlock *cough*<<<<omg xD im in the sherlock fandom though but *cough* supernatural!

Squealing, gasping also whale sounds and well the whole list describes me at some point. Screaming is rare though. I can't unless I'm scared or suprised. Due to Kpop mainly SHINee, I scream more often these days.

I have made every single sound but the whale sound😂

lol reading merlin fanfic like

But like the first line is about physical/mental pain of a character. The second line is changing actual plot points. The third is shipping, both canon and headcanon and the last line is about bringing back dead characters.the pain is real

I sold my soul to shipping long ago<< And the invest net is SO big

Fangirl + Shipping = Selling your soul // Well, I've seen souls go for lower things - like a mouthful of water during band camp.<<<<<We'll be back to collect your souls in 10 years-Supernatural

When that happens to me I'm like: Goodbye normal world!! I'm foing to a better place!!

La Biblia de las incomprendidas - [4] fandom

While making inhuman noises.

Katniss and Peeta, The Doctor and Rose, Tris and Tobias, Mr Darcy and Lizzy percabeth must i go on. Ah soo MANY FEELS!

Shipping Rules for Fandoms. This is absolutely fantastic!

Shipping Rules in Fandoms. This is absolutely fantastic!< Actually, when a ship dies it's called a ghost ship.

I'm totally a multishipper, but also an orgy shipper. I just have a lot of ships and an OTP for every single fandom I'm in.

Multishipper, orgy shipper, optimistic otp shipper and sobbing otp shipper.