Every time I hear a song I've danced to before!

Dance problem Number ***song comes on the radio Friend oh hey i love this song! Friend me too! Me: ***mentally remembering the entire dance

and then they are all happy running and your like why cant I just do turns around the gym!

Little Dance Things n gym class, when everyone's complaining about the stretches, while you feel nothing.

Dancer problems. Our dancers have been gearing up for The Nutcracker since September! Get your tickets Nutcracker2014.com! ccdance.org

Okay, so it says "Dance Problems," but this is a problem for instrumentalists as well. Should be "Band AND dance Problems" in my case!

Just one more time..

Dance problems "one more time" is always a lie. How I miss my "one more time" days!

I hate how people underestimate ballet...my friend is in ballet and she is one of the strongest, most enduring people I know.

I hate how people underestimate ballet. everyone I talk too(besides people in dance with me) say that "dance is soooo easy"- NOPE

One of my costumes was so bad, some girls tried to plan a burning party to burn the costumes after we wouldn't need it anymore, and the other, we ducktaped myself so it wouldn't hurt as much..,

My costumes are usually leotards which don't itch but they're so freaking tight! But I have had some itchy costumes in the past.

Yes, totally. I'll be at a dance at my school and ill just be standing there not knowing what to do. Thanks to dance...

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Thanks to Dance. I can't dance at dances, only with choreography and kicks and jumps and stuff.