Queen Ravenna, Snow White's evil stepmother

Sorry, this movie got it wrong. Snow white was supposed to be BETTER looking than the evil queen. This evil queen is beautiful. Charlize Theron as “Queen Ravenna” in Snow White and the Huntsman Costume design by Colleen Atwood

Crown made from wire coat hangers

Crown Seen at Blood Milk Jewels. Idea- crown frame of wire(not barbed) maybe randomly beaded, as bridal headdress

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Ravenna played superbly by Charlize Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsman" (great visual in this promo shot)

House of Flying Daggers. Emi Wada costume design

"House of Flying Daggers. Emi Wada costume design" (the movie is awful. I recommend that you never watch it) I loved this costume from the film.

gold skull headdress  http://www.etsy.com/listing/95317852/ready-to-ship-amazing-deer-antler?ref=tre-2682966772-1

READY TO SHIP Amazing Deer Antler Painted Skull Red Gold beaded gothic tribal gypsy drape coque headdress headpeice wig

She was a dazzling display of terror in a solid gold bodice decked with feather-like razors. Yet the auburn fabric trailing behind her reminded the people of her grace and femininity; that did t stop them from bowing to the ground when her name was barely whispered. The empress was a goddess, and she ruled the world.

Dress of the Phoenix

goldenghostie: justanaverageteen: fairytas: Phoenix dress almost finished for her big debut in Los Angeles.

Molly Fletcher shot by Claudia Mcdade for Tantalum Magazine

Tantalum Magazine "Knight of Solitude" by Angelina Scantlebury larp paladin knight chainmail crown

floral head piece jewelry

Flower Power - handmade velvet flower crown, by her curious nature. Became friends with the designer while I was in London. Amazingly talented and beautiful girl.

Маски, короны. головные уборы | 5 фотографий

The crown and giant neck ruffle look very regal. I could see her as a queen of darkness in a movie, easily. Upon later view, a different picture of the same person is already in the sexy vamp folder. and I say this doesn't count as a duplicate.

Tex Saverio, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Tex Saverio Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 “The Revelation” - Inspiration by Color

Worn for, like, two seconds on film. AMAZING dress made with beetle wings and mad skill.

Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman - Costume designed by Colleen Atwood

Jean Paul Gaultier  - Details

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 2014 - Costumes and Costuming - Butterfly and Fashion - Luxury, lingerie, accessories, ready to wear, Beauty

Mid Century

This is where Disney fashion meets high fashion. Eyeworks Photography put together this beautiful shoot. Model: Emma as The Red Queen. The Queen of Hearts. Alice in Wonderland.