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John Lennon (in 1963)

In a black pea coat, John Lennon walks the halls of the Guidhall where their gig was postponed because Paul McCartney was ill,

I remember where I was when John Lennon was shot as well as I remember where I was when I heard about JFK's assassination. I was on the air at Y93 in Billings. It was like someone in my family had been killed. I turned that night into John Lennon/Beatles retrospective. RIP John.

Beatles Pictures

John and Norman Rossington arm-wrestling on the set of A Hard Day’s Night. Scan from Beatles Book Monthly No. 278

John Lennon and Norman Rossington on the set of The Beatles movie A Hard Days Night:) I bet Johnny won. His face tells it all:)


♡♥John Lennon 20 in April 1961 plays at the 'Top Ten' club in Hamburg,Germany♥♡

ohn Lennon on train platform. 1964.

Magnum Photos - The BEATLES during filming of 'A Hard Days Night'. The Beatles film was primarily shot on a moving train. John Lennon on train platform. photo by David Hurn

I wish i could have seen off the camera john it makes me sad to think I'll only ever see him in pictures

"Way down South they had a jubilee Them Georgia folks they had a jamboree They're drinkin' home brew from a wooden cup The folks are dancin', they got all shook up.So keep on playing that Rock and Roll Music.

John Lennon signing autographs

The first musician I truly fell in love with. The Beatles inspired me to play my music.