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Allegro chirurgo

Vintage 1965 Operation Game by Milton stood the test of time for years! I always wanted the wishbone

You could open her arm and see the "bionics."  (Really just a sticker, but cool at the time.)

The Bionic Woman! My brother had the Bionic Man, but I eventually took him over too.

The Magic School Bus is a children's animated series based off of the book series which is about a teacher Miss Frizzle and her diverse students who discover various science topics by going out on adventurous field trips.

Branding idea - print a fun set of pogs for your company + brand and collect them all.

Pog's were so much fun! I had the coolest slammer and pog board too, with all different color pog tubes to keep them together!

When I was a kid...this was my internet. Oh the places I would travel to.

Hands up who owned a View-Master viewer as a kid? That bright red device with a trigger on the side into which you popped View-Master dis.