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Marie Antoinette. okay movie. fantastic costumes.

Marie Antoinette movie still with Kirsten Dunst. Sofia Coppola France, French, Versailles, Let them eat Cake, Paris.

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20 dingen die je alleen begrijpt als je graag vroeg gaat slapen

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What elaborate mask would Marie Antoinette wear to the Halloween Masquerade Ball tonight? Why, this lovely gold Venetian one with a shock of blue feathers at the top, of course! (From Morning Dove on etsy) Have a Ball at the Masquerade Tonight!

Marie Antoinette. Sofia Coppola's exceptionally great version of one of history's tragic queens.

Kirsten's Best Roles

MOVIE: Marie Antoinette, Kristen Dunst wears incredibly detailed costumes & gowns in Sophia Coppola's masterpiece.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette love this movie so much maybe not a valentines theme story but I love the colours in it