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Ladies Hat - Ladies' French Derby-style Hat - Victorian Hat

Century French Victorian Hat of the Old West.back in those days where fashion statements were made by women wearing designer hats!

Victorian rules for hat flirtations. Info from the Susannaives website.<~~so specific

Victorian rules for Hat Flirtation from The Mystery of Love, Courtship and Marriage Explained by Henry J Wehman published in 1890

Steampunk Black and Gold Parasol

Steampunk Black and Gold Parasol - A vintage umbrella, refurbished and embellished with yards of black and gold lace, trim, and beads.

Delineator Nov.1888 - Ladies' velvet hat

Delineator Nov.1888 - Ladies' velvet hat


Victorian fashions are comprised of the various fashion and trends in British culture that emerged and were produced throughout the reign of Queen Victoria, otherwise known as the Victorian era. Her reign and this era were from June 1837 to January.

VICTORIAN PARASOL Umbrella in Deep Red Satin, Black Lace Overlay, Black Chandelle Feather Trim Second Line Reenactment Steampunk Old West

Victorian PARASOL in Black and White Stripe Fabric Accented with a Black Lace Ruffle